Sugar Prices
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Govt Mandates Weekly Sugar Stock Disclosures To Prevent Hoarding

The Government of India has taken proactive measures to ensure the stable retail price of sugar in the country by issuing orders that mandate weekly stock disclosures of sugar by Traders/Wholesalers, Retailers, Big Chain Retailers, and Sugar Processors. This initiative aims to combat hoarding and curb speculative practices in the sugar market, read the Ministry […]

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Export News

Amid Soaring Sugar Prices, Govt May Impose Blanket Ban On Sugar Export

The Centre is likely to implement a blanket ban on sugar export in response to rising prices and lower-than-expected production in the 2022-23 season, which began in October. According to the current quota, millers are permitted to sell around 6 million tonnes of sugar in the 2022-23 crop marketing year (October to September), down from […]

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