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India Not Considering Restrictions On Non-Basmati Parboiled Rice Exports

India is not considering imposing any restrictions on exports of non-basmati parboiled rice, Food Secretary Sanjeev Chopra said on Tuesday. Last month, India surprised buyers by imposing a ban on the export of widely consumed non-basmati white rice, following a ban on broken rice exports last year. “There is no proposal as of now to […]

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International News Retail

Sugar Prices In Pakistan Soar As Export Demand Drives Up Prices

Despite the government’s lack of interest in growing commodity prices, the sugar price at Jodia Bazaar, the country’s principal wholesale commodities market, increased to Pakistani currency (PKR) 136-137 per kg from Rs 131-132 a few days ago, owing to an export-driven jump in demand, Dawn reported. Wholesale costs have risen by Rs 19 per kg […]

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Food National News

Tomatoes Burns Hole In Common People’s Pockets As Prices Skyrocket

Tomatoes are now red-hot and burning a hole in the common people’s pockets as the prices have skyrocketed and are being sold at over Rs 100 per kg in several key cities. Many attribute the sharp rise in the vegetable to heatwaves in key tomato-growing areas and heavy rains, as well, as disruption in supply […]

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Food News Retail

Tomato Prices Likely To Rise Further In Coming Days, Traders Say

Tomato prices have recently shot up in the markets across the country from Rs 10-20 per kg to a price of Rs 80-100 per kg. The reason behind this is the dip in supply due to heatwaves in tomato-growing areas and heavy rain. Ajay Kedia, a Mumbai-based commodity market expert and head of Kedia Advisory […]

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Health & Beauty News

Pak Economic Meltdown Results In Shortage Of Life-Saving Medicines

Expressing grave concerns over the shortage of different medicines including life-saving drugs, the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) demanded the government to ease the process of opening letters of credit (LCs) for drug manufacturers, Dawn reported. In a statement issued here on Thursday, the PMA said that it had already warned the government that the failure […]

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News Sector

UK Supermarkets Sets Limitations On Fruits & Vegetables Amid Shortage

Several of the UK’s largest supermarket chains have set purchase limitations on some fruits and vegetables owing to a supply constraint caused by bad weather and the fallout from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with the UK government warning on Thursday that the situation might continue up to a month. Tomatoes, peppers, capsicums, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, and […]

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