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Marketing Trends Influencing Retail Industry In 2023

Emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, our collective response and adaptations to this unprecedented global disruption have undoubtedly imparted valuable wisdom. Nevertheless, new challenges persist on the horizon, such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, geopolitical instability, and an economic slowdown. Naturally, these hurdles have wielded a profound influence on consumer behaviour, effectively reshaping the retail landscape in […]

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Influence of Gen Z on Indian Retail: Understanding The Next Generation of Consumers

Gen Z, those born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, represent a significant segment of the population at large and are reshaping the manner in which businesses run. They are the very first generation to have grown up in the digital age. Tech, social media, and lightning-fast access to information have had an impact […]

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Networking, Personalisation To Rule Retail Industry In 2023

The year 2022 will always go down as one of the most transformative years in the history of retail market. Brands and Retailers were seen emerging the impact of Covid 19, as retail was one of the worst-hit sectors. Over the past year, retailers have been taxed and squeezed by supply chain challenges, growing inflation, […]

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