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Walmart Sees Flipkart and PhonePe As $100 Bn Business In India

At an investor conference, Walmart’s Chief Financial Officer, John David Rainey has said that Walmart’s Flipkart marketplace and PhonePe payments business in India has the potential to become USD 100 billion businesses due to their strong growth. While specific sales figures for Flipkart and PhonePe are not disclosed by Walmart, the company has emphasised the […]

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Walmart Faces $1 Bn Tax Bill For PhonePe Shift To India

Walmart Inc. and other PhonPe shareholders will have to pay nearly  USD 1 billion in taxes after the digital payments company relocated its headquarters to India, according to the media report. The bill is the result of the relocation and increase in value of PhonePe which Walmart acquired a majority stake in after acquiring parent […]

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