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With 30% Sales Growth, Pansari Group Expects 2X Rise In Next Fiscal Year

Pansari Group, a FMCG companay, on Saturday reported a 30 per cent growth in sales volume in the fiscal year 2022-23. Following its recent expansion in the Western and Southern Indian markets, the brand is sufficiently prepared to successfully establish itself in the FMCG industry across India, the company said. According to the company, 70 […]

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Reasons Behind The Global Growth Of Millets And Their Benefits

Move over rice and wheat, there’s a new crop in town! Millet, a small-seeded grass that has been cultivated for thousands of years, is rapidly gaining popularity globally. With its low maintenance requirements and incredible health benefits, it’s no wonder millet is becoming the go-to crop for farmers and consumers alike. So what exactly is […]

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Shammi Agarwal of Pansari Group Proves Dedication To Customer Service Pays Off In Retail Industry

Shammi Agarwal, Director of Pansari Group, has recently been acknowledged for his tremendous achievements in the retail industry in the prominent list of ‘BW Retail World 40 under 40’ by BW Businessworld. Having a vision of launching his line of quick-moving consumer goods, Agarwal pursued his studies at DAV Pitampura before venturing abroad to gather […]

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