Indian rupee

Indian Rupee Rises Against Dollar But Faces Headwinds From US Yields

The Indian rupee rose on Monday, but higher near-maturity US Treasury yields were expected to limit the upside for the currency. The rupee was at 82.61 against the US dollar by 10:35 a.m. IST, compared with 82.6475 in the previous session. The domestic currency reached an intraday high of 82.5325. The two-year US Treasury yield […]

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Weaker Rupee Will Improve India’s Export Competitiveness, Says BoB Report

Amid the ongoing concerns of global economic slowdown and a possible recession in the United States (US), the Bank of Baroda in a report on Saturday has said that a weaker rupee will improve India’s export competitiveness. According to government data, India’s exports reportedly contracted by 15.88 per cent to USD 32.25 billion in July […]

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