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Govt Mandates Weekly Sugar Stock Disclosures To Prevent Hoarding

The Government of India has taken proactive measures to ensure the stable retail price of sugar in the country by issuing orders that mandate weekly stock disclosures of sugar by Traders/Wholesalers, Retailers, Big Chain Retailers, and Sugar Processors. This initiative aims to combat hoarding and curb speculative practices in the sugar market, read the Ministry […]

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Food International News

Sugar Prices In Pakistan Soar To Rs 185 Per Kg

Sugar prices in Pakistan have increased to Rs 185 per kg, with the country’s Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) asking relevant agencies to check for the hoarding and smuggling of sugar, Dawn reported. Dawn is a reputed Pakistan-based English daily. The rising wholesale rates have been providing an opportunity for various online mart and retail shop […]

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International News Retail

Sugar Prices In Pakistan Soar As Export Demand Drives Up Prices

Despite the government’s lack of interest in growing commodity prices, the sugar price at Jodia Bazaar, the country’s principal wholesale commodities market, increased to Pakistani currency (PKR) 136-137 per kg from Rs 131-132 a few days ago, owing to an export-driven jump in demand, Dawn reported. Wholesale costs have risen by Rs 19 per kg […]

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