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boAt, Reliance Digital Launch First-of-its-Kind Smart Ring Hologram In India

boAt, an audio and wearable brand, has partnered with Reliance Digital, the technology retail chains, to offer consumers a unique retail experience using 3D Hologram Projections to introduce the boAt Smart Ring. This marketing initiative between boAt and Reliance Digital aims to revolutionize the Indian retail industry by introducing an immersive experience for customers that […]

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D2C Brands Tap Into Growing Purchasing Power In Smaller Cities

From brick-and-mortar to digital stores, the retail industry has changed over the years and is still evolving. During the pandemic, with half of the retail stores shut, many people believed that even after the end of Covid-19 the retail stores would not have as much value as they held before because people started shopping online. […]

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Marketing Trends Influencing Retail Industry In 2023

Emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, our collective response and adaptations to this unprecedented global disruption have undoubtedly imparted valuable wisdom. Nevertheless, new challenges persist on the horizon, such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, geopolitical instability, and an economic slowdown. Naturally, these hurdles have wielded a profound influence on consumer behaviour, effectively reshaping the retail landscape in […]

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