International News

Bhutanese Sculpture Business Booming As Demand For Statues Rises

The sculpture business that preserves age-old traditions has been booming in Bhutan as the demand for statues and sculpting products is on the rise, reported Bhutan Live. One such prosperous sculpture company is run by a 40-year-old resident of Punakha City in Bhutan. Despite the fact that his business is booming nowadays, he frequently struggles […]

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Food Government News

India To Continue Importing Potatoes From Bhutan Without License For Another Year

The import of potatoes to India from Bhutan will continue without any import license for another year, Bhutan Live reported citing the notification by the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry. A similar exemption has also been made for areca nut export. Earlier, the Indian government had given import exemption for potatoes from Bhutan for […]

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News Retail

Bhutan’s Distant Village Discovers Reliable Market For Its Milk

Goenpa, a remote village in Bhutan, has found a reliable market for its milk at Koufuku International’s dairy processing plant in Chenary, Trashigang, The Bhutan Live reported. Although the farmers benefit from this convenient arrangement, they believe that revising the current milk prices is essential due to the increasing cost of animal feed. Goenpa farmers […]

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