Jinand Shah’s Vision Transforms Digital Lending Landscape At OPL

Jinand Shah’s Vision Transforms Digital Lending Landscape At OPL

Jinand Shah

Jinand Shah Managing Director & CEO of Online PSB Loans Ltd. (OPL) has been added to the eminent list of ‘BW Retail World 40 under 40’ by BW Businessworld.

Shah is a financial professional with a keen interest in algorithms, number crunching, and automation. He has expertise in dealing with banks, MSMEs, individuals, rating agencies, credit bureaus, and various other agencies.

At OPL, he is responsible for defining the products, setting goals, and go-to-market strategies for the organisation. His pursuit of massive infrastructure to roll out multiple platforms such as PSBLoansin59minutes, JanSamarth, Sahay, FIT Rank, etc. 

Prior to his current role, he served as a director at E Advisory Services, where he provided comprehensive financial coordination and consultancy services to entrepreneurs and enterprises from 2010 to 2015. Before that, he worked at KMCPL as a consultant, specialising in fund raising, structuring, valuation, and due diligence between 2006 and 2010.

Additionally, he gained valuable experience in the domain of taxation during a five-month stint with Bharat Petroleum Corporation.

OPL’s artificial intelligence-enabled fundraising app won the second prize at the RESERVE BANK OF INDIA’s technology arm IDRBT Award on Banking Technology Contest in 2017.

Shah believes that continuous innovation is the key to the path-breaking products that the Company has been able to launch.

His rich experience in working with MSMEs and understanding their Funding requirements led to the birth of many possibilities in the sector of digital lending in the MSME domain. 

Digitisation of MSME lending is far more complex than retail lending. The realisation that, despite the wide banking network, Indian MSMEs were facing challenges while securing finance from formal banking channels was where the OPL journey began.

Complex lending procedures, tedious paperwork, collateral requirements, and slow disbursements were some of the main bottlenecks MSMEs were facing. 

On the other hand, it took a considerable amount of time and effort for a lender to collect data and verify borrower data before taking the proposal ahead. A platform that identified the problems of both parties of the lending journey was the vision, thus was launched psbloansin59minutes.com in 2018.

PSBLoansin59Minutes.com is a pathbreaking platform for the automation of credit to borrowers. The platform was ranked as India’s Largest Online Lending Platform within just three months after its launch (Credit Suisse Report 2019). Mapped to all public and leading private lending institutions, the platform has processed over 130000 applications and disbursed over 72000 crores.

Under the leadership of Shah, OPL developed a robust infrastructure to provide credit solutions to financial institutions. This digital credit ecosystem developed using technology and data delivers customized fintech solutions to financial institutions. such as digital onboarding, risk scoring, and assessment, credit underwriting, API infrastructure, and management, etc. enabling their digital transformation. 

Today the company has uniquely positioned itself in the MSME credit ecosystem and has a huge part to play in the digitization journey.

Jinand believes in “Be Positive, work with integrity, and never fear anything, nothing is so large that one can’t achieve”.

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