Himalayan Organics’ Vaibhav Raghuwanshi: Revolutionising The Market With Organic Products

Himalayan Organics’ Vaibhav Raghuwanshi: Revolutionising The Market With Organic Products

Himalayan Organics' Vaibhav Raghuwanshi: Revolutionising The Market With Organic Products

Vaibhav Raghuwanshi, founder & CEO, of Himalayan Organics, has been added to the prestigious list of ‘Retail World 40 under 40’ by BW Businessworld.

Raghuwanshi, who spearheads the entire business and operations of Himalayan Organics, has built an impressive career trajectory thus far.

He is based in Indore, managing the entire business and operations for Himalayan Organics.

He has a solid educational background with a BA (Honors) in Economics from IEHE Bhopal and an MBA in Economics from PIMR Indore.

He has developed a deep understanding of the industry with a total work experience of 10 years, including 7 years in D2C business operations.

Himalayan Organics is witnessing progressive growth on a year-on-year (YoY) basis with current growth marked at 75 per cent.
The company’s success can be attributed to its commitment to innovation in product offerings, aligning with market trends and demand forecasts.

One of the company’s core strategies is to make people aware of their health issues caused by various deficiencies, and how to overcome those. The company specialises in offering a range of dietary supplements and nutraceuticals. According to Raghuwanshi, all Himalayan Organics products are 100 per cent certified organic, plant-based, vegan, and remarkably affordable compared to other brands in the market.

Looking ahead, the company is planning to extend its product range of plant-based and organic products by introducing new formulations and also by becoming self-sufficient in manufacturing at its own Facility.

Since its inception, Himalayan Organics and Raghuwanshi have been Recognised and Awarded by various platforms.

The company’s products have also achieved the distinction of being best sellers in 14 sub-categories on Amazon.

Raghuwanshi’s journey and the robust growth of Himalayan Organics are proof of his dedication and commitment to delivering high-quality organic products while creating awareness regarding health concerns. As the company continues to grow, the future holds promising possibilities for expansion and continued success.

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