How To Use WhatsApp To Drive Purchases During The Upcoming Festive Season
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How To Use WhatsApp To Drive Purchases During The Upcoming Festive Season

How To Use WhatsApp To Drive Purchases During The Upcoming Festive Season

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly on the lookout for innovative strategies to connect with customers and boost their sales. One such powerful tool that has gained significant traction in India is WhatsApp Commerce. With its massive user base and widespread adoption, WhatsApp Commerce offers unparalleled opportunities for eCommerce brands to drive sales and foster long-term customer relationships, especially during the upcoming festive season.

The Evolution of WhatsApp Commerce in India
The rise of WhatsApp Commerce in India has been nothing short of extraordinary. From a simple messaging app to a robust business platform, WhatsApp has evolved to meet the demands of both customers and businesses. India, with nearly 400 million WhatsApp users spending an average of 19.4 hours per month on the app, has been quick to recognize the immense potential of this platform. Consequently, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API were introduced five years ago.

WhatsApp Business and its API have enabled businesses to establish an authentic presence, engage with customers, and enhance their shopping experience. A study by Meta revealed that 41% of small and medium-sized businesses in India are already using WhatsApp to connect with customers. eCommerce brands, in particular, have experienced significant growth by leveraging WhatsApp Commerce.

The Importance of the Indian Festive Season Sale
India’s festive season, which spans from August to December, represents one of the most significant shopping periods in the country. During this time, businesses witness a surge in sales and revenue generation. With the increasing shift towards online shopping, the festive season has become a goldmine for eCommerce brands. In fact, during the first phase of eCommerce festive season sales, brands witnessed a 5.4x growth in daily sales and a 3x increase in shipment volume compared to non-festive days.

However, as competition intensifies each year, sustaining growth and standing out from the crowd has become a challenge for many eCommerce brands. To make the most of the upcoming 2023 festive sale, leveraging WhatsApp Commerce is crucial.

Advantages of WhatsApp Commerce during the Festive Season Sale
WhatsApp Commerce has transformed into a master marketing tool for eCommerce brands in the last year. Let’s take a look at the advantages that businesses can leverage to maximize profits during the upcoming festive season sale:

Build a Direct & Personalised Two-Way Communication Channel: WhatsApp allows businesses to establish a direct line of communication with customers, creating a personalised shopping experience. Through chat, voice messages, and multimedia sharing, businesses can engage with customers in real time, providing product information, and recommendations, and resolving queries instantly.

Catalogue Showcasing: WhatsApp Business enables eCommerce brands to create and showcase product catalogues, making it easy for customers to browse and explore their offerings. During the festive season, brands can update their catalogues with exclusive discounts, limited-time offers, and new arrivals, attracting customers and increasing conversion rates. In 2022, festive season, Nykaa created a product catalogue on WhatsApp and it also offered customer support on the platform. As a result, Nykaa saw a significant increase in sales during the festive season.

Order Placement and Tracking: WhatsApp Commerce facilitates seamless order placement and tracking. Customers can place orders through the messaging app itself, eliminating the need for multiple platforms. Real-time updates on orders, including shipping details and delivery status, enhance the overall shopping experience.

Personalised Offers and Promotions: By analyzing customer data and preferences, businesses can create personalised offers and promotions tailored to individual customers. WhatsApp Commerce allows businesses to send targeted messages and notifications, offering exclusive deals, discount codes, and early access to festive sales, further driving purchases.

Ajio did this in 2021, The brand created a dedicated WhatsApp chatbot that allowed customers to browse its catalogue, place orders, and track their deliveries. The chatbot also sent out personalised offers and promotions to customers, which helped to increase conversion rates.

Cart recovery messages: As much as your shoppers increase their spending during the festive season, a bad shopping experience is a big put-off for them. And since the festive season is time sensitive, they will quickly drop off to save time. However, if you send them recovery messages and provide them with a headless checkout option right on WhatsApp, you can have 20 per cent higher abandoned checkout recovery and conversions! WhatsApp is a magical tool to recover abandoned checkouts on websites and drive higher purchases.

Offer Easy & Quick Payment Options: WhatsApp Commerce platforms integrate multiple payment options, including UPI, mobile wallets, and net banking, making the purchase process seamless for customers. This convenience encourages customers to complete transactions quickly and securely, boosting sales during the festive season.

In conclusion, WhatsApp Commerce presents a unique opportunity for eCommerce brands to connect with customers, drive sales, and enhance the overall shopping experience during the festive season. By leveraging the capabilities of WhatsApp Commerce and learning from successful D2C brands, businesses can make the upcoming festive season fruitful and profitable. With WhatsApp Commerce solutions like KwikChat, brands can tap into the immense potential of this platform and create a delightful shopping experience for customers, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty. So, as you begin prepping and gearing up for the upcoming festive season, don’t forget to make WhatsApp one of the primary channels to drive communications and conversions for your brand.

Kunal Tiwari, Chief Product Officer at GoKwik

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