Zaeden Launches Unisex Fragrance Brand SOL
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Zaeden Launches Unisex Fragrance Brand SOL

Zaeden Launches Unisex Fragrance Brand SOL

Indian pop sensation Zaeden steps into a whole new horizon with the launch of his fragrance brand ‘SOL’ – a unisex perfume line. A collaboration between Zaeden, Aesir Perfumes LLP, India’s fragrance company and REPRESENT, a trailblazer in talent management.

SOL is a unisex fragrance brand that, it launched with two fragrances – Mystic Voice and Sweet Sea.

Supported by Aesir Perfume’s legacy experience to build top-quality products, the brand makes use of the best and safest chemicals. With a vision to capture life’s stories by bottling them in scents, SOL positions itself as an aspirational yet affordable fragrance brand targeted toward the Gen-Z and millennial audience, the press release said.

Speaking about the launch of his lifestyle brand, Zaeden said, “I’m beyond excited to announce an extraordinary chapter in my life captured in the form of SOL. An unparalleled blend of elegance and soul, it is a manifestation of my lifelong love for fragrances and the culmination of my personal journey. Each bottle has been meticulously crafted with utmost thought and devotion to the art of scents, making them the embodiment of cherished moments. Brace yourself for a sensory adventure where scents become whispers of passion, unveiling a universe of unbridled poise. Together, let’s explore our Stories of Life in the enchanting world of SOL.”

Amal Jain, the Director and Chief Perfumer of Aesir Perfumes, adds, “SOL isn’t just about innovative product design and functionality; it’s about an experiential revolution, a reinterpretation of our traditional understanding of fragrance, woven from the tapestry of our rich heritage in fragrance development. With SOL, we have harnessed an inspired and avant-garde perspective, which, in turn, has given birth to a creation that is nothing short of sublime. SOL stands as a monumental achievement, unmatched and unrivalled in its realm, reshaping the way we perceive, appreciate, and interact with fragrances.”

Aayushman Sinha, the CEO & Founder of REPRESENT, says about this industry-defining partnership, “We, at REPRESENT, are armed with industry leaders and a supportive set of artists who believe in the true power of collaboration, enabling us to create resonating narratives. We don’t just believe in taking an approach to tangible experiences that are unprecedented but also disruptive and create value for everyone in the loop. The era of the conventional is over; we are here to lead the new era of engagement, dialogue, and community building around SOL”, he concludes.

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