We Are On The Brink Of Retail Revolution: Vinod Kumar, India SME Forum
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We Are On The Brink Of Retail Revolution: Vinod Kumar, India SME Forum

We Are On The Brink Of Retail Revolution: Vinod Kumar, India SME Forum

Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce brand celebrated the success of its initiatives to support MSMEs, artisans and weavers with initiatives like Flipkart Samarth, a program that aims to contribute to the socio-economic development of communities with a special focus on women and rural entrepreneurs, differently-abled entrepreneurs, artisans and weavers across India while promoting traditional arts and crafts.

President of India SME Forum, Vinod Kumar said that India is on the brink of a retail and e-commerce revolution. Kumar also said that after 2014, internet penetration increased in the country and that benefitted e-commerce in an unprecedented way.

We need to become omnichannel because where we are today, we will be in a different position after ten years, he suggested to the sellers.

On the occasion, Flipkart also launched a coffee table book – ‘Homegrown Heroes’ that encompasses the progress people have made across the spectrum and highlights how with the transformative power of e-commerce, no dream is too big or too far.

India’s rich social, economic and cultural diversity generates abundant opportunities, motivating countless individuals to aim for a brighter future. Flipkart’s Samarth program, launched in 2019, has positively impacted over 1.5 million livelihoods across the country by helping underserved communities leverage the power of e-commerce and gain access to a pan-India market.

Under this program, training and time-bound marketing support is also facilitated to help these groups grow their businesses through e-commerce. Flipkart Samarth has grown its seller entities base by 300 per cent over the last year and helped businesses grow by 300 per cent. This was enabled through multiple strategic engagements with the State and Central ministries, departments and entities across India.

The book, ‘Homegrown Heroes – Inspiring Stories of success and transformation through e-commerce’ is a wealth of success stories highlighting India’s traditional craftsmen, weavers, and small business owners, who are shaping their futures through Flipkart Samarth. It presents a compilation of motivational narratives featuring people who embarked on their journeys with a vision, resolve, and a modest spark of inspiration, which evolved into prosperous businesses that have made a significant impact in the world of online commerce. The book is a homage to the thriving spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in our nation.

Commending the success of the Samarth program, MSME Minister, Narayan Rane said, “The Flipkart Samarth program perfectly aligns with the government’s vision to empower and uplift MSMEs in India. The stories captured in Flipkart’s coffee table book showcase the resilience, innovation, and determination of our homegrown entrepreneurs. It’s inspiring to see Flipkart’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and providing a platform for countless individuals to grow their businesses. We believe this initiative will continue to contribute to the socio-economic growth of our nation and will pave the way for a brighter future for all.”

Commenting on the launch, Rajneesh Kumar, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Flipkart Group said, “With the Samarath program, Flipkart has evoked a greater sense of purpose by empowering individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, to establish their online businesses, create job opportunities for others and secure employment. At present, the Samarth initiative has successfully connected with sellers spanning 28 states, giving millions of entrepreneurs the opportunity to tap into a nationwide market. As India celebrates Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, our book – Homegrown Heroes – curates 75 real-life stories about the freedom of the human spirit, the success and satisfaction of earning a livelihood, and independence in every sense of the term.”

As India marches towards a 20 trillion-dollar economy by 2047, Flipkart says that they are working alongside the government by supporting small businesses (MSMEs) using technology to make online selling accessible and helping companies reach more customers through various initiatives. Further, the company is strengthening supply chains by building fulfilment centres and warehouses to boost local economies and create a sustainable ecosystem.

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