Vi and Truecaller Collaborates To Combat Customer Service Fraud
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Vi and Truecaller Collaborates To Combat Customer Service Fraud

Vi and Truecaller Collaborates To Combat Customer Service Fraud

Vi, a telecom service provider, has joined hands with Truecaller, a global communications platform, to make communication with consumers more trusted, safe, and reliable. Amid the rising number of customer service frauds, it is imperative to ensure that customer interactions are safe and secure through trusted and verified communication from customer-centric businesses.

As a part of this collaboration, Truecaller, through its Verified Business Caller ID solution, has enabled Vi’s customer service and sales team to deliver a secure and enhanced customer communication experience. Vi customers can instantly recognize authentic calls from Vi through Truecaller’s trustworthy call indicators such as the green caller id, tamper-proof brand name and logo, a verified business badge, a category tag, and call reason.

Speaking about the collaboration, Priyam Bose, Global Head, GTM at Truecaller said, “Truecaller is committed to empowering businesses by enhancing customer communication and verification, which is particularly critical in the fast-paced, customer-centric telecom sector. Our Verified Business solution has become integral to the industry’s effort to build a more secure and trusted communication environment. Our collaboration with Vi marks a significant step in this direction, helping one of the telecom industry’s giants to strengthen customer interactions and reinforce trust in its services.”

Speaking about the partnership, Ashish Sharma, EVP – Customer Service, Vi said, “We understand that customers dislike unwarranted calls and feel safe communicating via verified customer care channels only. We are happy to partner with Truecaller – one of the most trusted caller ID service providers, to offer more secure and verified communication to our customers. We continue to stay committed to deliver top-notch customer support experience, enhance calling efficiency, and deliver timely services to our users.”

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