Vaxfab Enterprises Reports Net Sales Of Rs. 202.88 Lakh In Q3
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Vaxfab Enterprises Reports Net Sales Of Rs. 202.88 Lakh In Q3

Vaxfab Enterprises, a BSE listed Company, Agriculture & Textile Trading Company in India, reported Net sales of Rs. 202.88 Lakhs for the Third Quarter (Q3) ended in December, 2022, which is 7.5 times more than Net sales of Rs. 26.20 Lakhs for the Second Quarter (Q2) ended in September, 2022, according to the official statement.

Profit after tax for Q3FY22 was Rs. 10.23 Lakhs, which was 13 times greater than profit after tax for Q2FY22, which was Rs. 0.74 Lakhs.

The Company said “The financial results for the Third quarter of FY 22-23 indicate that the company is dedicated towards flourishing itself & also oriented on the road to path of development.”

Vaxfab Enterprises (Formerly Ellora Trading Limited) was incorporated in West Bengal on February 9, 1983, under the Indian Companies Act 1956, and received its certificate of commencement of business on February 19, 1983.

The Company is new to the agricultural product trading business and has only recently begun operations in the textile and clothing trading segment. All of the verticals are managed by a single corporate entity.

This has facilitated its diversification into new segments, allowing it to serve a large number of customers from various industries.

The company is divided into two distinct yarn business verticals: a) Agriculture and b) Textile and Clothing Trading.

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