UBON Announces Collaboration With Tiger Shroff For SEEDHI BASS NO BAKWASS Campaign

UBON Announces Collaboration With Tiger Shroff For SEEDHI BASS NO BAKWASS Campaign

UBON, a gadget accessory and consumer electronics brand, is pleased to announce its collaboration with  Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff for its latest campaign, SEEDHI BASS NO BAKWASS (BornToBeFree).

The campaign aims to empower the youth of India and inspire them to break free from any boundaries that may be holding them back.

With over two decades of existence, UBON has established itself as a trusted brand among gadget enthusiasts, offering a range of products such as Bluetooth speakers, headphones, chargers, cables, car accessories, care products, surge protectors, and more.

The brand is committed to providing the best quality products to its customers by leveraging the technology and innovative design.

The collaboration with Tiger Shroff is aimed at reaching out to the youth of India and conveying the message that they are born to be free. Tiger Shroff, known for his youthful energy and dynamic personality, is the perfect fit for UBON’s campaign. His popularity among the youth will help in spreading the message of SEEDHI BASS NO BAKWASS to a wider audience.

The collaboration with Tiger Shroff aims to communicate that UBON is a brand of the youth and understands their needs. The campaign’s Instagram reel has already received over 1.4 million views and 145k Likes, highlighting the enthusiasm and anticipation surrounding the partnership.

Mr. Mandeep Arora, Managing Director and Spokesperson of UBON, said, “We are thrilled to have Tiger Shroff on board with us for this campaign. He is the perfect fit for our brand’s tagline, ‘Born to be Free’, and resonates with the youth of the nation. Our brand has developed a greater bass product with new technology, and we want to highlight that aspect through this collaboration. We are confident that our partnership with Tiger Shroff will create a lasting impact and inspire the youth to break free from societal constraints.”

Incorporated in 1999 and headquartered in Delhi, UBON is India’s leading gadget accessory and consumer electronics brand that addresses the needs of “connected consumers” and “people on the go’.

With the proper R and D and right use of technology, the brand offers products such as Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones, Chargers, Cables, Car Accessories, Care Products, Surge Protectors and more than 125 other accessories.

UBON was launched with the aim of increasing the reach of branded quality gadgets and mobile accessories to consumers in every sector, every vertical, and every society.

The brand has also collaborated with leading online marketplaces such as Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart to reach the masses. Apart from being available online, UBON has a robust supply chain network that enables it to distribute its products all over India, with different distribution levels available in every state.

The brand has mastered the retail chain network across India and can be found at the majority of the shops and showrooms in the country.

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