Transforming Brands In The Digital Age With Resilience & Adaptability
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Transforming Brands In The Digital Age With Resilience & Adaptability

In a fast-paced changing world where everything is changing dramatically, brands have the challenge to stay relevant in today’s world. From serving customers based on their choices to data-driven decisions, brands are adapting to every new thing to build a resilient brand.

While speaking at BW Retail World 40U40, Sumant Kakaria, Founder and CEO of Solethreads, said, “A brand starts with resilient people. We as a brand succeed because all of our co-founders have a clear end goal, and we understand where we are heading towards the larger picture.”

Akash Shrivastava, AVP and National Head – Business Development, Jubilant Foodworks, highlighted the importance of knowing customers with the use of data. He said, “We collect important consumer data throughout the life cycle and track it at every point to understand their needs. This helps us build a better ecosystem to know our consumers.”

Harini Sivakumar, Founder & CEO of Earth Rhythm, suggested that “You need to monetise your passion to keep that passion going, and that is how it converted into a venture. To build a very resilient brand, it is necessary to be close to customers and be honest with them in every aspect and provide quality along with services.”

Also, reaching customers much faster when they need it is primarily important in building a truthful brand, he added.

Mansi Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, TJORI, said, “We started in 2012. What we learned through our journey is that being relevant in a changing environment is primarily important. During Covid times, we continued to be relevant by providing what people needed at that time.”

By Md. Zakariya Khan, Correspondent, BW Businessworld

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