Shree Radhe Dairy Crosses Rs 100 Cr In Turnover, Projects Rs 1,000 Cr By 2026

Shree Radhe Dairy Crosses Rs 100 Cr In Turnover, Projects Rs 1,000 Cr By 2026

Shree Radhe Dairy, located in Surat, Gujarat has achieved a turnover of Rs 100 crores for the fiscal year ended 31st March 2023 and is expected to touch the Rs 1000 crores mark by 2026.

This impressive achievement is the result of dedication and years of hard work. The Company is focused on providing chemical and preservatives-free, high-quality and minimally processed Ghee (clarified butter) products.

The Company swears by its belief of using traditional methods of producing ghee which is made from the milk of grass-fed cows. Immense emphasis is laid on ensuring the ghee is free of artificial flavors and preservatives. This commitment to quality has helped the Company build a loyal customer base and achieve this remarkable milestone. The Company’s DNA comprises of System, Humanity and Contribution.

The revenues have grown 100x since its inception in 2015 and almost doubled this fiscal year to Rs 100 crores, compared to the last fiscal year’s revenue of Rs 54 crores. The Founder and Chairman Bhupat Sukhadiya hails from a modest farming background and he was managing production at a dairy plant with a salary of Rs 2,500.

To understand the market nuances, he wanted to start working on field, but his request was rejected. This being a blessing in disguise, motivated him to start his own venture. He began with a small 350 sq. ft shop in Surat and after 18 months began trading in ghee.

Post this, he envisioned having his own dairy manufacturing facility, which led to the birth of Shree Radhe Dairy (popularly known as Vastu Dairy) in 2015. His belief has been to not only have a system-driven organization but also contribute to the growth and development of everyone who is a part of his ecosystem.

Bhupat Sukhadiya – Founder and Chairman, commented “This milestone is an affirmation of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. As we look towards the future, we are excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead of us. This milestone would not have been possible without the support of our dedicated team, loyal partners and customers. We remain steadfast in our commitment to push boundaries, and we look forward to celebrating many more milestones in the near future.”

The future plan includes expanding their reach to international markets, expansion of their manufacturing facilities and increasing customer base. While their methods are traditional, their approach is unconventional.

The organization has adopted newer techniques of packaging, delivery, safety parameters and more via scientific methods. The company aims to be the leading pure ghee manufacturer and supplier in India.

Shree Radhe Dairy Farm and Foods Limited is headquartered in Surat, Gujarat, India. The Company was founded in 2015 by Bhupat Sukhadiya with a vision of caring for cows and creating employment, especially for the youth of our country. The Company is in the business of manufacturing milk and milk-based products, primarily chemical-free Ghee.


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