Roadcast Tech Is Focusing On Futuristic Sectors
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Roadcast Tech Is Focusing On Futuristic Sectors

Roadcast is currently focusing on futuristic sectors like EV, drone based delivery, facial recognition and AI, said Rahul Mehra, Co-founder of Roadcast Technology.

“This year we’ve integrated our technology with a lot of drone based delivery systems. While we’re providing the basic services which are required in the market today, we’re also planning what is required five years down the line,” he said.

“Today, the EV sector is growing rapidly in India, where companies are now manufacturing batteries, scooters and more in India and we’re already working with all these different entities in the EV sector. We’re specifically focusing on the futuristic sectors,” Mehra added.

While talking about the causes of truck accidents in India like driver fatigue, drunk and driving etc. Mehra said, “The new thing that we have now is passenger and driver safety. We’ve introduced some devices which will recognise the driver’s face in real time, whether he’s sleepy, smoking or drowsy and more.”

The Indian government has taken several measures to address the issue of truck accidents, including the implementation of stricter traffic rules, setting up checkpoints to monitor overloading and promotion of road safety awareness among truck drivers.

Mehra believes that the challenges the logistics sector faces like poor infrastructure, inadequate warehousing facilities, high transportation costs, and fragmented supply chains can be overcome by the government policies which are in place. 

“Currently a lot of policies have been introduced to boost the entire logistics ecosystem. Once the govt policies come into place then automatically logistics cost will get optimised,” he said.

Furthermore, he talked about the company’s current status and what changed after Jubilant FoodWorks came along last year.

“We’re internationally expanding into different territories. Post funding last year in September. We closed our series around. So now Jubilant as an investor in the broadcast unit makes a huge difference because we’re working with the biggest QSR businesses in India,” he said.

“It has given us a huge opportunity to  get into different vertices and expand and scale the business,” he added.

Raodcast Technology started working in south-east Asia and Middle-east. The company is targeting East Africa. 

“In the next 2-3 years we’ll target the global market aggressively,” Mehra stated

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