Reliance Retail Revamps Trends Fashion Stores With New Brand Identity, Tech-enabled Features
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Reliance Retail Revamps Trends Fashion Stores With New Brand Identity, Tech-enabled Features

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Reliance Retail is undergoing a comprehensive makeover of its Trends fashion stores across India, incorporating contemporary and tech-enabled features to entice the younger generation of customers. With a new brand identity, approximately 150 Trends stores nationwide will sport a revamped appearance, from the façade to fixtures, lighting, ceiling, and flooring, creating an aspirational shopping experience.

The first store with a new identity has already opened in Surat, and Reliance Retail plans to launch more in the future, all based on the innovative new format. The upgraded stores will also feature dedicated spaces for local artisans to showcase the city’s unique identity, blending global best practices with local creativity. By introducing self-checkouts, electronic shelf labels, RFID-enabled systems, and dual-sided cash tills, the company aims to provide fresh and unique experiences for consumers.

Akhilesh Prasad, President & CEO, Reliance Fashion & Lifestyle, highlighted that consumers nowadays are demanding fresh and unique experiences. In the latest Trends store opened at VIP Road, Surat, they have introduced a brand new retail identity by incorporating several new-age tech interventions in the form of self-checkouts, electronic shelf labels, RFID-enablement, and dual-sided cash tills.

Moreover, several global best practices have also been adapted for merchandising and product display, leading to quicker product discovery. Trends accounts for a major share of Reliance Retail’s garment sales, operating more than 4,000 fashion and apparel stores, housing brands such as Trends, Centro, Azorte, and Fashion Factory. “Given the brand’s vast appeal across town classes, the new concept remains warm and inclusive,” said Prasad.

He further added, “We have dedicated space in our stores where local artists are invited to express the city’s identity in their most unique/artistic ways. The start has been made with the Surat store where the city’s skyline has been represented with thread work.” The new concept is designed by an international innovation studio.

In its quarterly results last week, Reliance stated that its retail business is witnessing a trend towards premiumisation, where people are spending more on articles such as apparel and footwear. Reliance Retail CFO & Corporate Development Dinesh Taluja had said in the earnings call that they are seeing a “significant evolution” in customer behaviour where earlier office attire and casual wear used to be different.

“We are seeing a merging of the two where the semi-casuals, both in non-office and office wear is getting acceptable. So, there’s a trend where people are looking to buy something which can be used both in office and outside, and we are capitalising on that trend. We are seeing a significant uptake in smart casuals as well as leisure,” he said.

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