Helps Meesho And IDFC Bank Launch In ONDC
E-commerce & Marketplaces News Retail Tech Helps Meesho And IDFC Bank Launch In ONDC, an AI-based digital transformation enabler, has facilitated the launch of e-commerce major Meesho and IDFC First bank on the ONDC platform through its full-stack SaaS solution. 

Meesho and IDFC First bank have joined ONDC network as buyer app nodes to help bring customers on the network.

ONDC,  is Government-backed network based on open protocol created to help  local commerce across industries and segmentsscale and grow. The platform would create new opportunitiesand aims to curb digital monopolies thereby supporting the growth of small businesses.

Speaking on the launches, Manoj Gupta, CEO of, said, “We are seeing an explosive demand for launching buyer and seller app nodes on ONDC and we believe a technology enabler like ourselves will be able to seamlessly onboard nodes on the network. looks to facilitate several such launches in the coming months.”

He further added that ONDC is expected to transformecommerce in India and take it to another level in this decade. It expected that over 50 crore customers are buying from 1.5 crore sellers every month translating into orders worth Rs 100 crore every month. has also been instrumental in powering Craftsvilla and Spicemoney’s Spicesmartshop as buyer app nodes in on ONDC network. Plotch is also in process of launching three seller app nodes on ONDC network which will drastically increase the number of products in the network.

“We are excited about the role is playing in the expansion of the ONDC as a Technology Service Provider to ensure successful operations for network participants. We invite all citizens of India to start buying from ONDC compliant buyer applications and help us scale the network”, says T Koshy, Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer,  ONDC. is an AI-enabled ecommerce SaaS product with focus on digital transformation of commerce-led businesses. Using, any company can launch, operate and automate an online business of any type, nature and complexity including online marketplace, hyperlocal, D2C, omnichannel and B2B. is a leader in ONDC enablement and has built-in technology support for businesses to launch their ecommerce buyer or seller app nodes on ONDC network very quickly. has marquee clients like Meesho, IDFC Bank, Innoviti, Spicemoney and more. is a technology offshoot of and therefore has been enriched by 10+ years of real ecommerce experience.

Manoj and Monica Gupta are co-founders of Manoj and Monica also co-founded which is an online marketplace focused on ethnic products.

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