Nutra Prep And Nutrabolt Partners To Manufacture ‘C4’ & ‘Xtend’ Products In India
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Nutra Prep And Nutrabolt Partners To Manufacture ‘C4’ & ‘Xtend’ Products In India

Nutra Prep And Nutrabolt Partners To Manufacture ‘C4’ & ‘Xtend’ Products In India

Nutra Prep, a new startup in the Sports Nutrition space and Nutrabolt, an active health and wellness brand, have signed a strategic deal for India’s manufacture and distribution of Nutrabolt’s ‘C4’ and ‘Xtend’ brand products.

As part of the partnership, Nutra Prep will be the exclusive manufacturing and marketing company for ‘C4’ and ‘Xtend’ brands in India. C4 is a manufacturer of smart energy drinks and pre-workout supplements, while Xtend is a muscle recovery electrolytes and hydration drink.

Nutra Prep has signed up with Bright Performance Nutrition for the exclusive omni-channel distribution of ‘C4’ and ‘Xtend’ products in India.

“This partnership provides easy access for fitness enthusiasts to purchase authentic, category-leading, and international-quality nutritional supplements at affordable prices,” the official press note said.

Amit Dhirwani, Managing Director, Nutra Prep said, “We are excited to partner with C4 and Xtend, two of the most respected brands in the nutritional supplement industry. With this strategic alliance, we can now bring the same product range, quality, innovation, and efficacy that our customers have come to expect from these brands, but now at affordable prices, because it is manufactured locally in India.”

According to the company, it aims to facilitate the expansion of the Indian supplement market while offering customers premium international products at affordable prices. The shift towards domestic manufacturing also aligns with the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, fostering economic growth and generating employment opportunities within the local market.

“We are thrilled to partner with Nutra Prep to bring our brands to the Indian market,” said Justin Becker, VP Global Sales, Nutrabolt.

“We believe that the partnership will help us reach new audiences and provide them with high-quality nutritional supplements,” he added.

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