Nimbus Adcom Recently Bagged The Marketing Mandate For Renowned Shopping Franchises VMart And CityMall

Nimbus Adcom Recently Bagged The Marketing Mandate For Renowned Shopping Franchises VMart And CityMall

Nimbus IT Solutions , now popularly known as Nimbus Adcom, one of the leading Digital Marketing agencies in the country, has recently secured the mandate of two of India’s foremost shopping complex franchises, VMart and CityMall, adding to the company’s extensive clientele list.

The onboardings mark a milestone for Nimbus Adcom, signalling the brand’s first-rate marketing expertise, given the dynamic challenges associated with carrying out effective branding activities that meet the needs of hospitality, retail, and customer service sector companies. Also, the major collaborations are indicative of the solid reputation built by Nimbus Adcom Pvt. Ltd., since its inception in 2006.

The shopping franchises will now have unwavering dedication from the branding experts in the Nimbus Adcom team, which specializes in offering various consumer engagement services, including Bulk SMS (Transactional and Promotional), Bulk WhatsApp, Bulk Email, Bulk Voice, IVR, Out Bond diallers, SMO SEO, Website, Mobile APP.

For the newly acquired clients, the company will strive to offer the best return on investment (ROI), as it has, for over a decade, served numerous ventures, especially unicorns in reaching their target audience via catchy promotional content, customized to the geographical and linguistic demographics of the group, for optimum impact.

On an enthusiastic note, about the new mandates, Anshul Mathur, AVP of Nimbus Adcom, said, “We are elated to have onboarded enterprises of high calibre such as VMart and CityMall. This is a landmark achievement of the company as clients such as these franchises are key to pushing our own envelope and delivering on quality and capacity previously unthought of. We understand that brands now what to reach as many consumers as they can and in a manner that is as personalized as possible. This requires a humongous knowledge base of consumer behavior and skin in the marketing game. In this ever-changing field, what motivates us to raise the bar with every project is the very brand motto: connection Businesses with Opportunities.”

Owing to its comprehensive promotional efforts, Nimbus Adcom  has until now been the driving force behind the robust consumer reach of 100+ property developers and real estate companies across India, 50+ unicorns, and countless small and medium-scale businesses, totalling more than 20,000 happy Customers who have become repeat buyers.

It is worth noting that the foundation of the high-quality services offered by Nimbus Adcom lies in its productive work culture which nurtures marketing aspirants into expert marketers. As a result, today the success story of the venture is shouldered by the dynamic team of employees, who are collectively resolved to deliver an impressive 71 % growth rate by the end of this year, clocking a whopping 100 crores in returns.

The envisioned growth figure will further the legacy of the marketing venture’s parent organisation, Nimbus Group of Companies, which caters to various needs of different corporates and unicorns, Pan-India, via its different verticals: Nimbus Adcom, Nimbus BPO, Nimbus Agro Farms, Nimbus Hire, and Nimbus Cloud. Nimbus Group of Companies has a presence across major cities such as Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Ranchi, Ahmadabad, and Bangalore.


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