New Ecommerce Enablement Startup POP Launches, Onboards 75 Leading Brands In One Month
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New Ecommerce Enablement Startup POP Launches, Onboards 75 Leading Brands In One Month

New Ecommerce Enablement Startup POP Launches, Onboards 75 Leading Brands In One Month

POP, an ecommerce enablement start-up has launched its first-of-its-kind growth solutions platform focused on direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. Founded by former Flipkart Senior Director Bhargav Errangi, POP has onboarded more than 75 leading consumer brands within a span of one month of its launch.

POP has built a ubiquitous shopping currency called POPcoins that users can earn and also redeem against exclusive discounts/offers across the network of brands they’re partnered with, the company said in a press release.

In a world where consumers often found themselves overwhelmed by numerous loyalty programs, POPcoins emerge as a game-changing solution. Breaking free from the era of fragmented rewards, POPcoins unveils a unified currency designed to maximise relevance and foster long-lasting customer loyalty within the direct-to-consumer (d2c) ecosystem. Results from the beta have been super encouraging and POP plans to onboard 300+ leading brands & platforms with 10M+ active engaged users on POP network by end of the fiscal year, the release added.

Bhargav Errangi, CEO of POP, expressed, “In this era of digital wars, Facebook/Google have emerged as clear winners. Direct online channels’ contribution for d2c brands relies heavily on these ad giants to perform. And current marketplaces aren’t the primary choice of discovery. Hence foundationally, there is an imperative need for a new channel to help online-first businesses sustainably acquire and retain their customers.”

In the next 1-2 quarters, POP is set to launch new product features. These include a flexible Referral Program with gamified incentives, integration of User-Generated Content (UGC) and Product Reviews across the customer funnel for driving up consideration, and a cross-sell feature, allowing non-competing brands to promote on each other’s portals for improved discovery and acquisition. POP’s product suite is built to work with shopify-based brands and also brands with their own tech stack, it stated.

Errangi emphasised that, “At POP, we create products to boost efficiency in crucial business metrics for digital brands. These metrics include conversion, user retention, and user acquisition. While conversion and retention deliver short to mid-term outcomes, our focus is on solving the long-term customer acquisition challenge as our network grows stronger. To ensure our products effectively tackle these challenges, we extensively researched the competitive landscape and analyzed over 100+ brands. This research guided us in determining the current product scope and aligning it with the problem we aim to solve”.

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