Mondelez Faces Boycott In Nordic Region Over Continued Presence In Russia
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Mondelez Faces Boycott In Nordic Region Over Continued Presence In Russia

Mondelez Faces Boycott In Nordic Region Over Continued Presence In Russia

Snack maker Mondelez International is facing a growing corporate boycott in the Nordic region due to its continued presence in Russia. In response, the company has expressed its intention to meet with the Norwegian government to protect its local business, the news agency Reuters reported.

Several companies, including airlines SAS and Norwegian Air, railway group SJ, hotel chain Strawberry, retailer Elkjop, shipping group Fjord Line, and the Norwegian Football Association, have recently announced that they will stop selling Mondelez products.

Mondelez, known for brands like Oreo and Toblerone, has a significant presence in Norway and Sweden through its local chocolate manufacturers Freia and Marabou. While some Western companies have divested their Russian assets following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, Mondelez has chosen to remain, despite facing opposition from employees in other countries. Russia refers to the invasion as a “special operation,” the report said.

Nordic companies have cited an announcement by Ukraine’s National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, which blacklisted Mondelez and other groups, as the basis for their decision to stop selling the company’s products. Coop Norge, Norway’s second-largest food retailer, has indicated that it will seek advice from the Norwegian government before making any decisions.

According to the news, Mondelez has stated that it will request meetings with relevant government ministries to explain its position. The company clarified that it does not sell Russian-made products in Norway and emphasized that official policies should be based on formal sanctions implemented by Western and other nations. It further urged that any guidelines should be grounded in objective criteria that treat all companies equally.

Mondelez highlighted that it maintains limited activity in Russia while ceasing investments and advertising, and has condemned the war. The company affirmed its commitment to complying with all political decisions and sanctions, and expressed its willingness to make necessary adjustments to operations in order to ensure full compliance, the report stated.

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