Modern Parents Embrace Organic Products In Baby Care Segment
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Modern Parents Embrace Organic Products In Baby Care Segment

Modern Parents Embrace Organic Products in the Baby Care Segment

Recent years have witnessed a spurt in the market for baby care products in India. Some of the factors that have contributed to this market’s growth include an increase in consumer spending, a rise in income, increased literacy, and the number of working mothers. This has also contributed to a shift in consumer behaviour that allows mothers to use baby care products rather than traditional indigenous alternatives. Additionally, retailers and manufacturers constantly develop baby products that imbibe quality and safety.

Market Observation for Baby Care Products
According to Report Ocean, a leading strategic consulting and market research firm, states that the
Indian baby care products market size between 2023 and 2029 is projected to grow at a robust CAGR
of 17.25 per cent, reaching a value of USD 38.51 billion by 2029.

Unlike other categories, the baby-care segment has seen a higher number of repeat purchases, with over 50 per cent of shoppers being repeat buyers. Among these, 60 per cent are women buyers. As per industry estimates, 15 baby care products are sold online every minute in India. Despite various challenges, there is a huge scope in India’s baby care market.

Shift towards organic-based products
Along with the factors mentioned, there is also a growing awareness of infant nutritional needs and general well-being that propels the baby care market. New-age parents’ preference for babies has shifted towards mild and non-irritating baby products. A rising number of parents are choosing plantbased and organic baby care products due to growing worries about infants’ delicate and sensitive skin. These solutions also provide several benefits in preventing skin allergies, rashes, and other skinrelated problems.

With the advent of organic products, consumers are profoundly investing in skin-friendly products that are healthy for infants. The growing concerns about environmental problems and interest in greening purchasing behaviour create business opportunities for companies wishing to produce ecofriendly products. Buying safe and non-toxic products is prioritized to support infants’ growth and development. The shift in purchasing behaviour highly witnesses parents choosing products based on quality rather than quantity, which makes them more inclined to spend money on secure and environmentally friendly alternatives. Further, with increased urbanization and the growing number
of nuclear families’ new parents are inclined towards baby care products.

Parents in the modern day are more conscious of how things affect their children’s health and look for
infant care items that support their child’s growth.

Benefits of Organic Products
With the aid of plant-based components like oatmeal, lavender, coconut, almonds and avocado,
manufacturers today create organic products. Organic baby care items like baby cream, lotion, soap,
body wash, shampoo, baby powder, and baby oils have various advantages.

– Nourish the baby’s skin with all-natural ingredients
– Gives soft and protected skin
– Develops healthy baby skin
– Rash-free and chemical free causing no harm to the delicate skin of babies
– Environmental-friendly

Kunal Popat, Founder, R for Rabbit

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