Infosys, Danske Bank In $454 Mn Deal To Accelerate Digital Transformation
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Infosys, Danske Bank In $454 Mn Deal To Accelerate Digital Transformation

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Infosys has been chosen by Danske Bank, a leading Danish financial institution, as a strategic partner to accelerate the bank’s digital transformation. The collaboration, valued at USD 454 million for a five-year term with the possibility of extension, aims to drive operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences through significant investments in digitalisation and technology.

Danske Bank, which offers a wide range of banking services to individuals, businesses, and large corporations, intends to bolster its customer-facing digital solutions while modernising its technology infrastructure.

Frans Woelders, Chief Operating Officer of Danske Bank, emphasised the importance of this partnership. He said, “This is backed by significant investments in digitalisation and technology, including plans to further develop our customer-facing digital solutions, and modernising our technology infrastructure to enable even better customer experiences and drive operational efficiency.”

As part of the agreement, Infosys will collaborate closely with Danske Bank to expedite the bank’s technological transformation. Furthermore, Infosys will acquire Danske Bank’s IT centre in India, which currently employs over 1,400 professionals. This acquisition will enable Infosys to leverage the expertise of the existing workforce and expand its capabilities in providing cutting-edge IT solutions and services.

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