India Launches Pilot Project To Become Electronics Repair Hub
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India Launches Pilot Project To Become Electronics Repair Hub

In a significant move towards establishing India as a global electronics powerhouse, the Indian government has initiated a pilot project called Electronics Repair Services Outsourcing (ERSO).

The concerted effort seeks to make India the most appealing destination for outsourcing repair services for ICT products on a global scale.

After consultations with the repair industry, MeitY and other departments have introduced necessary policy and process changes, which are currently being validated through a limited pilot phase.

The ERSO project has garnered support from various government departments.

Bengaluru has been chosen as the pilot location, where the project will run for a duration of three months, starting from Wednesday. Five prominent companies, namely Flex, Lenovo, CTDI, R-Logic, and Aforeserve, have voluntarily come forward to participate in the pilot and contribute their expertise.

Upon the completion of the pilot phase, a comprehensive evaluation will be conducted, allowing for necessary modifications to the policies and processes. This iterative approach ensures that India’s ERSO initiative is refined and optimized before scaling it up to a national level.

By offering affordable and reliable repair services for ICT products worldwide, the initiative aims to extend the lifespan of electronic devices, reducing e-waste and contributing to a greener planet.

It is projected that over the next five years, India’s ERSO industry has the potential to generate revenue of up to USD 20 billion, while simultaneously creating millions of job opportunities for the country’s workforce, Centre said.

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