Impact Analytics’ MD Abhirup Ganguly Leads The Charge In Retail Analytics Innovation
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Impact Analytics’ MD Abhirup Ganguly Leads The Charge In Retail Analytics Innovation

Abhirup Ganguly, the Managing Director of Impact Analytics Inc. (IA), has been recognised for his outstanding contributions to the retail industry by being named to the prestigious ‘BW Retail 40 Under 40’ list by BW Businessworld. 

With over 20 years of experience in analytics and technology, Ganguly is a highly accomplished professional with an impressive track record of success.

A former consultant at BCG and an MBA graduate from both IIM-B and Fuqua School of Business, Ganguly has also demonstrated a strong commitment to lifelong learning. He has completed 25 data science-related MOOCs, received certifications in quantum computing and quantum machine learning from IBM Qiskit, and passed all three levels of the CFA Examination.

Under Ganguly’s leadership, IA has developed cutting-edge AI-powered pricing solutions and expanded its product suite, earning recognition from Forbes as one of the “Top MI startups to watch in 2019.” In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ganguly spearheaded the development of the flagship forecasting engine “ADA,” which has helped retailers forecast and navigate through uncertain times.

Ganguly has also been instrumental in securing seed funding, Series A funding, and Series B funding for IA, as well as onboarding major retail giants as clients. He has built a dynamic team of next-stage leaders who are empowered to innovate and build robust solutions.

Moreover, Ganguly’s marketing strategy at IA is centred on empathy and education, aiming to help retailers understand their business problems and how AI solutions can benefit them. Through social media, trade shows, partnerships with research firms, professional papers, and AI workshops, IA continues to actively educate retailers on the power of AI SaaS solutions.

Abhirup Ganguly is an exceptional leader and innovator in the field of retail analytics. His expertise in formulating AI/ML solutions for business problems and his commitment to financial excellence and growth have helped IA to achieve exceptional success in the industry.

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