Identifying Factors Where Your Brand Can Improve Customer Relationships
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Identifying Factors Where Your Brand Can Improve Customer Relationships

The prime focus of any business is to ensure consumer satisfaction. While acquiring a client may be a simple task, retaining them is a challenging task. Businesses can convert a potential customer by explaining their products or services, however, the customer will become a loyal customer on the basis of the quality of the products or services they received.

“There are three strategies on which businesses are built and run, the first strategy is, to be honest, and have integrity, these are two factors to build trust with your customers. Quality of the product is extremely important and then the third one is consistency in messaging and communicating with the customer,” said Kedar Ravangave, Head of Brand & Category Marketing, Amazon India.

Maintaining transparency with customers can provide a significant advantage for a business over its competitors. It is important to ensure transparency in areas such as pricing, delivery, and return policies to build trust with customers.

Divij Bajaj, Founder & CEO of Powergummies, shared his marketing strategies, stating that he changes the marketing strategy according to the customers and focuses on the trends in the market. “One can grab great markets while having an eye on the trends and fitting the product into the trend,” he said.

Bharat Bansal, CEO & Co-Founder, Nirmalaya emphasised that businesses that focus on recycling floral waste prioritize creating a financially sustainable business model over minimizing costs. “We focus more on a financially sustainable business than the cost of it. We are recycling over 40 tons of floral waste, so we focus on making and selling the product so that we can recycle more and more. We try to make a balance between being a cost-driven organization and being a brand-driven organisation,” Bansal said.

Sunil Chauhan, Founder of Fab Cafe Foods & Chefs United Foodtech, revealed his approach to operating under the umbrella of a big brand like Fab India. He explained that the Fab Cafe menu reflects the essence of Fab India, and its primary focus is on promoting healthy eating and conscious consumption among its customers.

One of the major factors in building a good connection with the customer is knowing and getting their feedback and working on it to make the product more personal. By creating a personalized product, customers can develop a stronger emotional connection with the brand and its offerings.

By Jaidev Malik, Correspondent, BW Businessworld

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