How Is AI Transforming Manufacturing Industry?
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How Is AI Transforming Manufacturing Industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming many industries, including healthcare, finance, transportation, retail, and manufacturing.

In addition, AI is helping firms in increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and improving product quality, all while staying ahead of the competition in an increasingly competitive market.

SolutionBuggy is a pioneer in the Indian manufacturing consulting industry. It provides an AI-powered platform for industries and consultants to interact and cooperate on projects.

“With our network of skilled consultants, we assist manufacturing sectors handle their technical and business challenges,” stated Arjun N, Founder of SolutionBuggy.

“We also assist new entrepreneurs who want to enter the manufacturing business by overseeing the entire project execution right from concept to commercialization,” he said.

According to Arjun, SolutionBuggy assists both established industries, startups in the manufacturing sector and SMEs. “Traditionally the manufacturing sector has not been great at data collection or management, but over the last few years, the MSME segment has realised the need for automation and hence are open to gather data and then start data analysis. Although there is still some time to start AI in its full flow, there have been efforts in this line and a lot of MSMEs in manufacturing are moving towards AI and ML as such.”

“We only hear in the media about large companies such as Samsung, Apple or Adani setting up large factories with reliance on AI and ML capabilities, but these setups also bring in over 1000-1500 small and medium-sized businesses and industries, which need help to be set up as per the OEM standards” he stated.

He said that the firm is now active in practically every area, “whether it’s bio energy, ethanol, electric vehicle manufacturing, textiles or drone manufacturing, we’re quickly acting on it, establishing how to meet the demands, and setting up new plants across India.”

In talking about the Union Budget 2023, he added that “this is encouraging for entrepreneurs and small-scale enterprises to diversify or setup new units now.

“In my opinion, India will be evolving in a favourable manner in the next ten years. I strongly believe India can definitely surpass China as the world’s biggest manufacturer by 2047,” he said.

The startup aims to target MSMEs in the manufacturing sector catering to industries with revenue ranging from Rs. 5-250 crore. 

Overall SolutionBuggy is a one stop destination for all manufacturing related consulting catering to new entrepreneurs and existing industries, ranging from New plant setup, funding assistance, new product development,  diversification, certifications and licensing, turnkey PMC, Machine automation and ML, Marketing and BD, Sales  and Supply chain logistics.

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