Grocery At Doorstep A Clean Approach
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Grocery At Doorstep A Clean Approach

Since the onset of COVID-19 grocery shopping has taken a new distinct approach. Buyers have become accustomed to online grocery shopping, contact-free pickup and delivery options while the pandemic was seen as a threat to retail shopping not only did it take a new turn but it boosted beyond imagination.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is projected to become one of the largest in the coming decade. One of the largest contributing sectors to India’s growing economy is the retail sector especially the food and grocery industry. This industry is a strong pillar of support to the growing Indian GDP.

The present generation has a hectic work schedule, busy social lifestyle and a growing disposable income. Due to this evolving lifestyle and urbanization, there is an increased acceptance for grocery shopping online. Sensing the present needs several big companies have taken the online route to find a firm footing in the food retail space.

Today, the online grocery market is significant and is valued in billions of dollars. Favorable government policies and the increase in the demand predict that the market is going to outgrow the present valuations in the coming years.

With the growing health concerns and consciousness amongst buyers the demand for organic, sustainable and local food with no marketing gimmicks has increased many folds. The quest to source healthy and environmentally sustainable food items has made a deep impact in consumers’ minds. Post pandemic the consumer buying pattern has changed also because a lot of people choose to cook at home rather than eating outside regularly. The grocery industry that was expected to decline or become stagnant during the pandemic not only survived but is growing to its full potential.

Grocery shopping online has also created millions of jobs due to the expansion of e-commerce technology. This industry has led to new jobs where people are willing to pay for services that they would do themselves earlier for free. The online grocery industry created job roles that are different from the offline medium and has expanded employment opportunities.

Grocery that is delivered at the doorstep via ecommerce websites has smoothened the process of sourcing organic food from all across the country to any corner. Today there is a larger access and hence increasing demand in the organic and clean food category. People are able order the healthiest, most organically produced goods at their doorstep. The choices and varieties of pulses, grains and millets has broadened due to the availability of online shopping.

Even in the new normal world, the online grocery shopping continues to sky rocket because it adheres to social distancing standards, and is convenient and safe too. A large section of Indian population shops online on several platforms for their daily needs. The general apprehension of stepping into crowded markets compared to the ease of online shopping and delivery has kept the consumers lured to the online medium. It offers personalization and privacy too, making it more of a necessity than a luxury today.

Making sure you always buy fair trade or organic food when you go grocery shopping is a great way to help protect the environment and promote sustainable products. Fair trade products are produced without genetically modified ingredients and with limited use of pesticides and fertilizers, making them eco-friendlier and safer for people to consume or use. By choosing to buy fair trade or organic food, you are supporting a more sustainable future.

Narendra Firodia, Co – Founder You Care Lifestyle

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