Folkulture Launches In India With Diverse Range of Home Decor Products
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Folkulture Launches In India With Diverse Range of Home Decor Products

Folkulture Launches In India With Diverse Range of Home Decor Products

Mensa Brands, a D2C House of Brands, has announced the launch of Folkulture, a modern home decor label in the Indian market.

After successfully scaling in the US over the past 5 years, the brand is looking forward to creating a mark in the Indian market. The brand offers a diverse range of products across three main categories: Kitchen & Dining, Home Fragrances, and Lifestyle.

Speaking about the launch, Ananth Narayanan, Founder & CEO of Mensa Brands said, “The Indian home décor market is growing rapidly, and we see immense potential in this sector for the coming decade. This is the right time to bring Folkulture to India, where Indians are focusing on sustainable yet beautiful décor options for their homes. We have kicked off our journey in India through Folkulture’s direct-to-consumer website so that we can build a strong community and launch products based on our consumer’s preferences. Since the partnership, the brand has grown 150% and we believe that we can eventually build it into a Rs. 500Cr brand.”

In the upcoming months, the brand will be introducing a range of new products, including 100% natural soy and palm-scented candles.

“Since our partnership with Mensa, we have significantly accelerated growth and built capabilities needed to create a global home décor brand. Leveraging Mensa’s tech, operations and marketing teams, we have successfully launched new product categories in the US like Folkessence as well as collaborated to launch the brand in India via D2C. ” said Chaiti Jain and Rinkesh Mehta, Co-Founder of Folkulture. ”

“Our goal is to inspire and delight individuals who seek to make their home a true reflection of themselves. We are excited to bring Folkulture’s exceptional offerings to the Indian market and share our passion for modern home decor,” Mehta added.

The company provides variety of close to 1,000 products over more than 30 categories in 2023, having broadened its scope.

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