FMCG Industry Expects Rural Sales To Rise In Coming Quarters: Emami
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FMCG Industry Expects Rural Sales To Rise In Coming Quarters: Emami

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The FMCG industry expects rural sales to rise in the coming quarters, while prices for some items may fall as inflationary pressures begin to ease. Government investment in infrastructure and greater expenditure on rural regions would improve employment creation and development in rural areas, which would be beneficial to the FMCG sector’s growth, according to Emami Vice Chairman and Managing Director Harsha V Agarwal.

Furthermore, since the pandemic, the foundations of the retail sector have altered, and firms have engaged in digital transformation to remain relevant and competitive, according to Agarwal, who spoke at an event organised by industry group FICCI.

In the recent five quarters, the Indian FMCG industry has experienced degrowth and a slowdown in rural spending.

About inflation, Agarwal stated that it is easing and that he expects prices for some items to fall as manufacturers begin to provide advantages to consumers.

Yet, he added that it will not return to its previous state.

The Kolata-based organisation, which has invested in new age distribution channels such as D2C, stated that it will continue to invest and collaborate with D2C brands for growth.

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