Flipkart Celebrates Empowering Stories Of Its Women In Supply Chain
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Flipkart Celebrates Empowering Stories Of Its Women In Supply Chain

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Flipkart’s initiatives to generate opportunities for women in rural and small-towns around the country have enabled the workforce to supplement family incomes and enhance access to education and health care for their children. The company has seen a rise in female representation, with over 10,000 women joining the workforce across its value chain over the past year.

Another key initiative is the Kirana Delivery program, which has seen many women join the initiative and given them the opportunity to work as per their comfort while helping augment their income. The program has seen immense success and has many success stories of women kirana delivery partners achieving financial independence and pursuing their professional goals with the help of thorough training which includes knowledge on the finer aspects of delivery, app functioning, customer service, and more.

Erabati Brahma, a 30-year-old female kirana delivery executive from Kokrajhar, has been a kirana delivery partner since joining Flipkart in September 2021. Erabati belongs to a very struggling family where no one used to work. Her tale is one of tenacity in the face of hardships since she chose to work with Flipkart’s delivery executives to forge her own way. Her day begins in the wee hours of the morning as she gets ready for her deliveries 6:00 am onwards, and begins arranging the shipments to be delivered to the customers.

Speaking about her journey, Erabati says, “Being a woman we face a lot of challenges in our daily lives. However, the fact that keeps me motivated is that I can now support my family and create a mark for myself. Despite the struggles that come along the way, I enjoy my independence. At the end of the day, I am happy because Flipkart has helped me gain financial independence and I am earning well. I can now finally take care of my family in a proper manner.”

Lijina Narzary, a 24-year-old kirana delivery partner at Flipkart from Assam, is a young woman in both spirit and experience having started her journey as a delivery executive only seven months ago. While Lijina’s father previously held a private job, she chose to take the road traveled less and made the unconventional choice to pursue a career as a delivery executive. She goes home after her daily duty of sorting cargo according to route and spending valuable time with her family while caring for them.

“I made the decision to continue against all the odds, despite the fact that I had experienced the same difficulties as other women. Work may be difficult, especially in delivery positions, but with Flipkart’s assistance, I have been able to do it successfully. I’ve found stability in my life and financial independence as a result of my employment.”

Despite the fact that delivery executives are still sometimes seen as being a male-dominated industry, Erabati and Lijina’s families are proud of them and fully supportive of their decision. These women serve as examples of what, regardless of gender, hard work and dedication can help one accomplish. Flipkart has harnessed the potential of e-commerce to address the professional needs of women employees in its ecosystem while also offering meaningful opportunities for their success and growth.

Since its launch in 2019, Flipkart’s Kirana Delivery Program has been growing strength to strength each year. Over 2 lakh kirana partners have joined forces with Flipkart in the past year alone, receiving training in supply chain deliveries, including digital skills and customer management, in addition to receiving an additional income source.

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