Exotel Unveils New Brand Identity, Pledges To Prioritize Humanized Engagement

Exotel Unveils New Brand Identity, Pledges To Prioritize Humanized Engagement

Exotel, the emerging customer conversation  platform, is proud to announce its brand relaunch, featuring a fresh logo and a compelling new tagline. 

Exotel’s connected customer conversations have increased to 70+ million every day for more than 7000 businesses across India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The company recently expanded its full-stack offerings to the Indonesian and UAE markets. Furthermore, Exotel has expanded its unified customer conversation platform  with the recent launch of  ExoMind chatbot builder powered by GPT-4, and Ameyo XTRM, an industry-first, cloud-based omnichannel contact center. 

With the combined synergies between Exotel, Ameyo and Cogno AI, Exotel has evolved from being a cloud telephony operator to become a connected customer conversation platform that is architected with the idea to deliver CX like a friend – at unprecedented scale, speed and ubiquity. The new Exotel brings together an omnichannel contact center, Communication API suite, and Conversational AI on one powerful platform.

Exotel, along with its unique Connected Conversations platform is also poised to strategically harness major partnerships with hyperscalers. By integrating IP-PSTN with the hyperscalers’ infrastructure, Exotel creates a robust, secure, and connected customer conversation platform. This synergy provides Exotel with the resources to rapidly scale its solutions, meeting the demands of businesses in dynamic, evolving markets. Mixing traditional telephony and advanced IP-based technology will provide customers with flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency. With a significantly expanded serviceable addressable market, Exotel is confident of achieving USD $100 million over the next 12-18 months.

Exotel’s new brand identity signals its renewed purpose and expanded offering in the CX landscape. The new logo emphasizes the phonetic beginning of ‘x’ in Exotel in six different colors with a refreshed appearance. The dynamism in the shape of ‘x’ is also incorporated into the brand graphics with a free-flowing shape that conveys Exotel’s approach towards seamless connectivity. 

To accentuate its ability to create harmonious movements across customer conversations , Exotel has devised its new tagline, “like a friend.” The customer conversation a company  creates is one where every engagement picks up from the previous engagement. Enabling enterprises and their customers to talk like a friend, listen like a friend, respond like a friend and connect like a friend. 

Commenting on the major milestone, Shivakumar Ganesan, Co-Founder & CEO, Exotel, said, “Today we are proud to share our distinct brand identity. In the last few years, a lot has changed at Exotel as we have evolved and emerged as a true cloud CX platform, with unified networks, channels, API, bots, as well as virtual telecom operator licenses in India. We have harnessed new technologies, built new products, and acquired new expertise. With so much that has changed with us and around us, we feel it is time we refreshed our brand identity to signal an exciting future, full of new possibilities, to our customers, our people, our partners, and every industry with customer focus.”

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