Diabexy Features In Shark Tank India Season 2
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Diabexy Features In Shark Tank India Season 2

The leading manufacturer of low-glycemic foods in India, Diabexy, recently made an appearance on Shark Tank India season 2, where they displayed their innovative product line and got great feedback.

The business, which now has a team of over 35 people, has had a significant impact on the Indian market as well as on other continents.

The company stated that the goal of participating was to receive the appropriate valuation and to increase brand visibility for Diabexy on television in order to raise awareness about the potential of reversing diabetes.

Diabexy discussed their innovative strategy for managing diabetes, which combines education and self-control with the provision of low-glycemic food options and supplements. The company’s goal is to end diabetes in India by making its products accessible to everyone and offering support and services to those who are living with the condition.

“Being broadcast on national television was an exciting experience. The sharks and supporting personnel at Sony TV were very kind and soft-spoken. We discovered the value of coordinating efforts to reach a single objective. The benefit of our participation was that the sharks recognised the originality of the concept of low glycemic load foods and their influence on diabetes,” said Mr. Lokendra Tomar, Diet Educator & Founder of Diabexy.

“Our products’ taste and packaging were positively received. The sharks were willing to invest money in the business. However, the company’s overall valuation fell short of our expectations, so we declined the offer. We were not in a rush to raise money at any price because the company is already a profitable enterprise,” he added.

India, renowned as the “diabetes capital of the world,” currently has 72.96 million diabetics, with that figure expected to rise to 100 million by 2030. Understanding diabetes is the first step toward controlling and preventing it. In response to these alarming statistics, Diabexy held lectures every Saturday between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. in November.

Diabexy is working to eradicate diabetes from India with the aid of education and discipline. The subjects are intended to broaden access to diabetes education to better the lives of those with the disease and eradicate it. By only enrolling on the website, anyone can participate in the workshop.

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