Delhi Govt Approves Food Truck Policy To Boost Economy
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Delhi Govt Approves Food Truck Policy To Boost Economy

Delhi Govt Approves Food Truck Policy To Boost Economy, Employment

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday granted in-principle approval to the Food Truck Policy, which aims to set up food trucks across the national capital making it a ‘Food Truck Capital’.

“Recognising the immense potential of the food truck industry, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal emphasised the positive impact it would have on employment generation and the economy as a whole. With the policy’s implementation, citizens of Delhi will have the delightful opportunity to relish a diverse range of delicacies even during late hours, adding to the city’s dynamic gastronomic landscape,” the CMO stated in the release. Speaking on the matter, PWD Minister Atishi expressed the government’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards of aesthetics, sanitation, and hygiene at all food truck stations.

She assured that the government’s holistic approach aims to create a safe and enjoyable dining environment for patrons prioritising their well-being and satisfaction.

According to the CMO, the Food Truck Policy will commence with the operation of food trucks in 16 carefully selected locations across the city. Upon successful implementation, the model will be replicated across Delhi, extending the reach of this unique culinary experience across neighbourhoods.

Furthermore, the introduction of food hubs across Delhi stands as a testament to the government’s dedication to bolstering India’s food culture. These hubs will serve as focal points for culinary enthusiasts and provide a platform for local vendors and aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their delectable creations, the CMO stated.

Taking to Twitter, CM Kejriwal said, “The Delhi Government is coming up with a ‘Food Truck Policy’ very soon to boost the economy and employment in Delhi. It was approved during a meeting today. With this scheme, Delhiites will be able to get delicious food even late at night in Delhi, it will also provide employment opportunities and strengthen the economy”.

According to the CMO, the primary objective of the Delhi Food Truck Plan is to establish Delhi as the ‘Food Truck Capital.’ The Delhi government intends to support small businesses through this policy, while simultaneously generating employment opportunities and boosting the night-time economy of the city.

Delhiites will soon have the convenience of relishing delectable cuisines at any time, fostering the growth of the food truck culture in the capital.

Initially, the PWD department of the Delhi government has identified 16 locations, including renowned marketplaces and neighbourhoods across different districts of Delhi, for the establishment of these food truck hubs. The plan will kickstart from these locations, with subsequent food truck hubs opening up across the city.

Food trucks have gained immense popularity in major cities and tourist destinations worldwide, such as New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Australia, Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Following this global trend, the Kejriwal government aims to promote food culture in Delhi, enabling residents to experience the culinary diversity of various Indian cities, much like their international counterparts, the CMO stated.

“The Food Truck Policy prioritises the maintenance and upkeep of these food hubs, with the responsibility for their operation and maintenance entrusted to a designated agency. This agency will ensure the cleanliness and proper organisation of the food hubs and also ensure that all food trucks operate exclusively within the government-designated food hubs,” the release added.


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