D2C Brand Building: Ensuring Sustainable Growth
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D2C Brand Building: Ensuring Sustainable Growth

Before the pandemic, there were very few customers and brands. However, a huge surge has been seen in the number of customers online in the year 2020, and in the year 2021, there was a surge in the number of brands entering the online space.

While talking about the strategies to grow a D2C brand, Arjun Vaidya, Founder, Dr. Vaidya’s, Ventures Lead – Verlinvest mentions, “Today you have to build the brand, the problem with a thing called brand is that it is intangible.” He further advises that the founders should focus on brand building.”

“Other than just product or performance marketing, this thing called brand has to exist, it has to be recalled, and you have to invest in organic channels content, community, videos, engagement with customers, that will be the defining factor to the brand to succeed in 2023,” he adds.

According to Daryaganj Restaurants Co-Founder, CEO, and CMO Amit Bagga, “In order to attract customers, founders must offer something unique since people’s attention spans are very short in today’s time.”

“The consumer will come to you for the first time because of the good story, and they will only come back if the product is good,” Bagga adds.

Vineet Khanna, Co-Founder of Supertails emphasises the significance of brand building in today’s world. “Knowing your customers is the first step in building a brand. Nowadays, developing a brand is more vital since knowing your consumer allows you to separate their demands from their wants and wishes,” Khanna explained.

According to Swagatika Das, Co-Founder of Nathabit, sampling can be one method of acquiring customers.

“If we know our product is great, we sample it. We offer coupons, collaborate with platforms, and build alliances,” Das reveals. The need is to figure out alternative and unique ways to get customers since there are a lot of great companies out there.

According to Avnish Pandya, Co-Founder of Bombay Hemp Company, enterprises must be ‘online dhanda’.

“You have to think on the internet but still look at it through the matrix of how the old school world of business looked at it,” Pandya mentions.

Growth is the result of real customers, not just one-time users. Having customers genuinely use your product and continuously coming back to you is a sign of a firm that is actually developing. It’s also organically acquiring customers.

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