Consumer’s Mindset Is Changing Towards Rental Fashion
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Consumer’s Mindset Is Changing Towards Rental Fashion

People’s attitudes around renting clothes are shifting, and the most crucial aspect is that the taboo of wearing a rental item is no longer there, said Anchal Saini, CEO- Flyrobe.

“Over the last few years, a lot of little organisations or small players have come into small rental stores and launched new kinds of openings, which shows that the thinking is shifting and people are leaning towards renting,” she adds.

“Why we understand this is I would say five years ago when our consumers came to our shop to take a product on brand,” she said. They’d be hesitant because they don’t want their neighbours to see Flyrobe’s name on the bag and realise they’re wearing rented garments.”

“But nowadays, people don’t care because we receive social media tagging; our Instagram is full of people wearing our stuff and tagging Flyrobe because that’s how it is.”

The ethnic sector is expanding, and the Indian ethnic wear market is booming. Of course, renting is only a small part of that enormous market, she said.

Sustainable Fashion
She highlights her brand’s support for sustainable fashion when discussing sustainability.

“Of course, in terms of our products,one extremely essential aspect is sustainability. People are very conscious of the impact their consumption has on the environment,” she added.

The way today’s youth think is vastly different from that of past generations. People are also concerned about sustainability, and they want access over ownership, according to her.

“That’s why so many rental businesses are doing well, such as furniture rentals, Coworking spaces, residences, automobiles, and more,” she said.

According to media reports, the fashion business contributes 10 per cent of global carbon emissions and is a major polluter.

Emotional Attachment With Clothes In Men and Women
“I will say that men are easy adapters of new things like new technology or whatever that comes in fresh they adapt easily,” Saini said.

“The key point is that men are not emotionally tied to clothes. So that’s one of the reasons they want to rent it, just get it done, and save money,” she explained.

Women, on the other hand, are more connected to their clothes than men, she added.

India is Couple Of Years Behind In Daily Rental fashion From Western Countries
According to Saini, the tuxedo rental business is far larger than the tuxedo purchasing business in western counties.

“People in Western countries rent stuff like everyday apparel, like a work suit; they rent out, they do subscriptions as monthly and boxes are sent to the every month,” she stated.

“That’s how things have gone so far. They’re getting close, I notice. However, in terms of totally renting everyday apparel, we may be a few years behind.” She added that the market for ethnic rentals has greatly increased.

Flyrobe has stores in Delhi, Bangalore, and Gurgaon, with plans to grow.

The fiscal year has been good for the firm since they’re doing roughly 20 per cent more than what you’re doing during Covid, Saini told BW Retail World.

Anchal Saini created RENT IT BAE in 2016 as a luxury fashion rental business that rents ethnic and western accessories from premium labels and companies at a fraction of the cost. She bought Flyrobe in 2019 with the intention of tenfolding the company.

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