Colgate-Palmolive Net Sales Increases By 0.8% In Q3
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Colgate-Palmolive Net Sales Increases By 0.8% In Q3

Colgate-Palmolive (India) reported Net Sales of Rs. 1,281.2 crore for the quarter gone by, a growth of 0.8 per cent over the same quarter of previous year. 

Domestic sales growth reported for the quarter ended in December 2022 is 2.3 per cent. Reported Net profit after tax for the quarter was Rs. 243.2 crore as against the Net Profit of Rs. 252.3 crore for the same quarter of the previous year. 

9M 2022-23: Net Sales for the nine months ended in December 2022 was recorded at Rs. 3,846.2 crore, an increase of 1.9 per cent over the same period of the previous year. Net profit for the period was reported as Rs 730.9 crore.  

Prabha Narasimhan, Managing Director at Colgate-Palmolive (India), said, “The Company is focussed on its key strategic pillars of building oral care habit in India, driving innovation and renovation through science led products and premiumisation.”

In this quarter, the company partnered with the Andhra Pradesh government to kick-off the Oral Health awareness program of ‘Bright Smiles Bright Futures’. This initiative was recently kick started from a school in the Nellore district, where the company will work with the state government to educate children on oral health and build awareness on saying ‘No’ to tobacco, she said.

“Continuing with our long standing relationship with dentists in India and with the ever present push on digitisation, Colgate has launched an e-commerce platform; a first that is exclusively for dentists – to enable them access to specialty Colgate products that will be directly delivered to their clinics,” she added.

Although unfavourable macro variables continued to impact on dental care consumption in the quarter, she is cautiously hopeful about the future.

“The focus remains to stay invested in category & brand building activities on key strategic pillars while delivering healthy EBITDA margins,” she said.

We continue to build positive momentum in driving premiumisation across categories led by the modern trade and e-commerce channels,” she added. 

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