Cipla Health Introduces New Skincare Brand – ‘Rivela Dermascience’
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Cipla Health Introduces New Skincare Brand – ‘Rivela Dermascience’

Cipla Health has launched Rivela Dermascience to mark its entry into the Indian skincare market.

Rivela Dermascience, backed by the power of science and dermatologist expertise, aims to combine Cipla’s legacy of trust and care with advances in dermatological research.

Experts created the brand, which focuses on providing the right ingredients for Indian consumers’ skincare needs. To ensure consumer satisfaction, the website ( provides a free skin assessment to help consumers identify products that may be suitable for their skincare needs.

“We at Cipla Health are ecstatic to introduce Rivela Dermascience, a brand that enables us to provide consumers with a clean and effective product line,” said Shivam Puri, Chief Executive Officer of Cipla Health. The products are designed to be very ingredient specific and thus result oriented, guided by Cipla’s scientific acumen. Our innovative technological innovations and research will provide the necessary solution-driven skincare products for all of our consumers’ skincare needs across the country.”

Cipla EU will invest Euro 15 million for the acquisition of 9,939 common shares with a face value of Euro 1 each, for a stake of 10.35 per cent, according to the company’s regulatory filing.

According to Cipla’s regulatory filing, the transaction is expected to be completed within 60 days of the agreement’s signing.

A collaboration agreement is signed concurrently with the definitive agreement, paving the way for Ethris’ innovative portfolio to be marketed in Cipla’s key emerging markets.

The investment will facilitate a long-term strategic partnership between Cipla and Ethris for the development of messenger RNA (mRNA)-based therapies, as well as accelerate Cipla’s participation in the mRNA space, allowing it to provide developing countries with access to cutting-edge solutions developed by Ethris.

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