Canada Bans Animal Testing For Cosmetics
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Canada Bans Animal Testing For Cosmetics

Canada Bans Animal Testing For Cosmetics

Canada has moved to prohibit animal testing for cosmetics, joining a number of other countries and American states in doing so, CNN reported.

The decision was revealed by the Canadian government in a news release on Tuesday this week. According to the news release, Bill C-47 changes the Food and Drugs Act to prohibit both animal testing of cosmetic items and the sale of products based on animal testing data.

With this new development, Canada will join the European Union, Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), and South Korea in outlawing the cruel practice of animal testing for cosmetics.

Citing Humane Society International, an organisation that promotes the human-animal bond across the globe, CNN reported that a total of 44 countries have passed laws banning cosmetic animal testing.

Furthermore, the practice is prohibited in ten states in the United States: New York, Virginia, California, Louisiana, New Jersey, Maine, Hawaii, Nevada, Illinois, and Maryland.

“Protecting animals, now and in the future, is something that many Canadians have been calling for, and something we can all celebrate,” CNN quoted Canadian Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos as saying in the release.

“We are proud to move forward with this measure and to assure Canadians that the products they buy are cruelty-free. We will keep working with experts and international partners to explore safe, cruelty-free alternatives so no more animals suffer and die due to cosmetic testing.”

According to the announcement, Health Canada is also attempting to identify “effective alternatives to animal testing” outside of the cosmetic industry.

Notably, cosmetic testing included “toxicity tests” in which animals were trained to swallow or inhale specific chemicals, or to have the chemicals applied to their skin or eyes.


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