Building Loyal Customers In Evolving Retail Market
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Building Loyal Customers In Evolving Retail Market

The expression “the customer is always right” emphasises the significance of delivering excellent customer service and meeting the customer’s needs.

To keep customers content and satisfied, companies need to consider a variety of factors, including repeat business, word-of-mouth marketing, a positive reputation, higher sales, and more.

“There is no greater reward for a brand than a dedicated consumer base,” stated Rashmi Shukla, Business Head, Jaypore.

“Understanding your consumer, their purchasing patterns, preferences, and purchase reason are all critical pieces of information. “It’s critical to conduct market research to uncover these answers,” she says.

She went on to say that retaining consumer loyalty is just as crucial as acquiring it.

Shukla suggests retailers to analyse shop sites based on client catchment regions before building a retail store, and carefully situating outlets with engaging layouts and floor plans cultivates a complete brand experience.

“Small details like knowing your competition in the area, parking availability for the customers, and more, when considered, only enhance this experience,” Shukla said. 

She said that after the store is up and running, regularly checking inventories, marketing the store, and establishing a team of efficient retail workers are all important aspects in ensuring the store’s success.

“Today’s customer is guided by experiences,” she said while discussing what draws customers, adding, “even if they go into a shop to buy a plain kurta, they are mentally looking for more.”

“With a million options out there, it becomes extremely important for a store owner to provide more than just a product to its customer,” she added.

She emphasised that each part should be well-lit and provide pleasant locations for customers to engage with the goods.

Tasteful displays, soothing lighting, and an abundance of craft literature, among other things, are utilised to intellectually engage customers and assist them make a purchasing choice, as per Shukla.

In order to keep clients from forgetting about a product or service is to express feelings to the customer, and “who better than the store staff to do that,” Shukla asserted of customer service.

According to Business Head, great customer service includes actively listening to consumers, understanding their problems, and giving personalised answers.

“Great customer service requires responding swiftly and efficiently to customers’ queries, complaints, and feedback,” she noted.

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