Britannia Treat Croissant Met 100 Crore Revenue
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Britannia Treat Croissant Met 100 Crore Revenue

Britannia Industries which is a bakery food company confirmed on Thursday that its Treat croissant business had met Rs 100 crore within a year of its launch.

The company is now aiming to reach a revenue of Rs 300 crores in the upcoming 3 years.

Britannia stated, the recipe of treat croissant has been specialized to cater to the Indian palette.

Britannia Industries executive Vice Chairman (VC) & Managing Director (MD) Varun Berry stated,  “Our play in the croissant category is on a firm footing now, and we believe that there is tremendous headroom for growth. We will be looking to develop the nascent category through consumer-led franchise building and popular flavor extensions. Our target is to hit the Rs 300 crore mark in three years.”

A large number of young population, change in lifestyles partially inclined the experiment on newer food and snacks.

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