Bikano Launches Chips, Chatax, Crunchy Munchy in 100-gm Pack Each Amidst IPL 2023
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Bikano Launches Chips, Chatax, Crunchy Munchy in 100-gm Pack Each Amidst IPL 2023

Bikano, India’s favourite snack and packaged food manufacturing company has introduced family or ‘jumbo’ packs of its Chips, Crunchy Munchy, and Chatax to push sales and profits by offering value deals to the consumers during the highly exciting times of cricketing extravaganza IPL.

Packed with unique flavours and new technology machinery to reduce human hand interference, the Chips, Chatax, and Crunchy Munchy offerings are loaded with the richness of potato, rice flour, chickpea flour and spices.

As the Indian snack market is expected to reach USD 23.69 Billion in 2028 and to expand at a CAGR of 12 per cent from 2023 to 2028, the mega packs are contributing immensely to this growth.

Since IPL has been the foundation for an exceptionally rich audience pool, it provides new avenues of engagement and growth for FMCG brands.

“Every Indian family values togetherness. And over the years, watching IPL on TV has been a popular medium for reinforcing this togetherness. We have acknowledged the power and which is why we have strategically chosen to introduce our crispy savouries of Chips, Chatax, and Crunchy Munchy in 100-gram packs. These snacks are not only popular among kids but consumed by adults as well, making it a favourite snack for the whole family. Moreover, post Covid-19, consumers preferences have evolved. They prefer snacks that offer better quality and taste along with hygiene. This also has led to a shift in Indian snacks industry from unpacked open selling snacks to packed snacks,” said Mr. Manish Aggarwal, Director, Bikano, Bikanervala Foods.

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