Bata India Shares Rise On Speculations of Partnership With Adidas
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Bata India Shares Rise On Speculations of Partnership With Adidas

Bata India Shares Rise On Speculations of Partnership With Adidas

On a recent Friday, Bata India issued a statement addressing speculations about their “strategic alliances and partnerships,” which arose following reports suggesting discussions with Adidas regarding a potential partnership for the Indian market.

Yesterday, a media house cited insider sources indicating ongoing talks between Bata India and Adidas for a partnership deal. These discussions seem to have progressed significantly, with final details of the arrangement currently being negotiated.

However, Bata India clarified its position in a stock filing on Friday. The company affirmed its commitment to exploring opportunities for strategic collaborations, alliances, and tie-ups within the Indian market. It assured that it would fulfill its obligations under listing regulations by disclosing relevant matters as needed.

Bata India emphasised its history of successful long-term strategic partnerships with various brands, aimed at providing distinctive offerings to consumers.

As of 11:45 am today, Bata India’s shares experienced a 1.66 per cent increase. The previous day, the company’s stock had closed 5.3 per cent higher at Rs 1,733.75 per share.

Bata India, the flagship of Bata BN based in the Netherlands, houses renowned brands like Hush Puppies and Scholl. The company boasts a network of over 2,050 stores across India, according to its most recent annual report.

Adidas, a prominent footwear and apparel brand, already operates standalone stores throughout India.

Bata India’s Managing Director and CEO, Gunjan Shah, recently shared with a news agency that the company is actively expanding its presence in both physical retail and online channels. Shah anticipates that e-commerce will contribute to 20 per cent of Bata’s total sales within the next two to three years. She highlighted investments spanning from front-end operations and store infrastructure to technology, design, and research and development. Bata aims to swiftly introduce new collections to stay competitive.

Shah emphasised the consistent growth of Bata’s e-commerce channels over the past three years, noting that this trend is expected to continue. Currently, e-commerce constitutes 10-12 per cent of the company’s turnover, a figure projected to reach 18 to 20 per cent within the next 2-3 years.

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