Bamboo Could Be Sustainable Source of Renewable Energy

Bamboo Could Be Sustainable Source of Renewable Energy

Bamboo Could Be a Sustainable Source of Renewable Energy

Researchers found Bamboo to be a desirable resource in efforts to provide ecologically friendly renewable energy to replace fossil fuels.

The study was published in Journal, ‘GCB Bioenergy.’ Bamboo grows quickly, takes up carbon dioxide, and releases a lot of oxygen into the air, according to the authors.

They outline many procedures that can be used to transform the raw material into bioethanol, biogas, and other bioenergy products, such as fermentation and pyrolysis. There is now a tool with limits for choosing the best species of bamboo for various bioenergy production procedures.

Researchers found the potential use of bamboo resources in energy systems and energy value-added technology.

“We conducted a review of energy conversion methods for bamboo biomass and found that bioethanol and biochar are the primary products obtained,” said first author Zhiwei Liang, of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Science.

Zhiwei Liang added, “Since the chemical composition of bamboo varies across different species, future research efforts should focus on gathering a more extensive collection of quantitative data for selecting species advantageous for minimizing biomass pre-treatment time and cost.”


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