Arm To Make Its Own Chip: Report
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Arm To Make Its Own Chip: Report

A report by Financial Times has revealed that Arm is working on making its own chip to showcase the capabilities of its products to attract new customers as it plans for an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The chip giant has reportedly created a “solutions engineering team” that will spearhead the development of these prototype chips for electronics items such as mobiles, laptops and more.

The British-based chip company’s executives told FT that the new design of the chip under production would be more advanced than any other so far. Arm reportedly started working on the chip six months ago.

The report also mentioned that Arm does not plan to sell or license the design of the prototype to other companies. Arm currently works with over 500 companies including Apple, Qualcomm and MediaTek and deploys its design components in their semiconductors.

Recently, Arm tied up with Intel Foundry Services (IFS) to enable chip designers to build low-power compute system-on-chips (SoCs) on the Intel 18A process. The collaboration will focus on mobile SoC designs first, but allow for potential design expansion into automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), data center, aerospace and government applications

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